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We’re about proving to the world that it’s better by bus

It’s something that we live and breathe. It’s what drives us and it’s what you’d expect from a bus company that serves 2.5m people across the West Midlands. Even on the shortest journeys, we go the extra mile. The average weekly cost of running a car is £60 – when you consider unlimited bus travel can cost as little as £15 per week in comparison, you can see why people are turning to bus travel as a more affordable and sustainable solution.

Largest Network

National Express West Midlands provide the largest public bus network in the Midlands, serving more that 11,400 stops. That means we are the most local and the highest frequency public transport option. Our buses run every 6 minutes or better on core routes into town centres and most of our services operate 20+ hours a day, 7 days a week, 364 days a year.

Sustainable Travel

Each person on a bus is one less driving a car and a net reduction in carbon emissions; plus we make incremental reductions in our own carbon footprint each year. In 2015 we purchased one of the UK’s largest fleet of Euro 6 environmentally friendly vehicles, with 159 new buses.
Overall our fleet is now 4.1% more fuel efficient.

Great deals for staff

We have flexible travel options at exclusive prices to suit your bus travel requirements; from annual passes to monthly, weekly or ad-hoc solutions. There is also the option to include Midland Metro and Rail to compliment our products.
To start benefiting from your exclusive rates, just click on the options above – your journey begins here!